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Welcome to our Remote Education:

Earlier this year we launched our Summer term learning through our new Remote Education.  Nursery and Reception are using Tapestry to set new learning challenges for their children whilst Year 1 to Year 6 are doing this through Seesaw.  

What is See-Saw?

Seesaw is a platform for student engagement. Teachers can empower students to create, reflect, share, and collaborate. Students “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links. It’s simple to get student work in one place and share with families, and nothing is shared without teacher approval.


Remote Learning with See-Saw Parents Guide. Remote Learning with See-Saw Parents FAQ.


About Tapestry.

your child adjusts to experiences without you at their childminder, nursery, or school, most parents continue to want to share in these times. Tapestry facilitates this, by enabling a personal journal, or diary, to build over time. Photographs, videos and notes of special moments are not only recorded, but can be made available regularly and often immediately to you.

Parents guide to Tapestry.


We are really passionate about remaining connected to our children and families during this time. We are unable to say when it is likely that we will be able to come back together as a whole school. The scientific research suggests that it could be some time before we have all of our children back together and therefore it is really important that our children continue to learn.

We have been really impressed to see so many families accessing Tapestry and Seesaw but also uploading the children’s work so that their teacher is able to provide feedback and praise.

We have been capturing the feedback you have given us about what is working well and equally about the challenges you may be facing in using the platforms.  Class teachers are carefully monitoring the online activity and they will be reaching out to families who are not yet active or regularly sharing their children’s work. Please keep talking to us and together we can try and overcome any early teething problems.

When should the work be completed? 

We know that families work in different ways and each family will need to find a routine that works for them.  We are aware that the children will need some support in accessing Tapestry and Seesaw and, where there are a number of children in the family home, this will need to be carefully planned by parents and carers.  Although we are scheduling the learning challenges throughout the school day, we recognise that some families will need to complete these at different times. It is important to find a routine that works for all the family.  The children’s work can be uploaded at any point in the day or even over the weekend. Teachers will be able to view the work on the next school day. We encourage families to share the children’s work so that their teachers are able to provide encouragement and feedback. 

The learning challenges from last week have been uploaded to the school website should families need to find a copy of them.  We will continue to update this weekly.  Our hope is that the vast majority of families will be able to gain access through Seesaw and Tapestry to ensure that families have the benefit of teacher guidance and instruction.  

I don’t know how to help my child

Please remember, you are not expected to become teachers and your children are not expected to learn, or do as much work, as they do in school. It is important to build in time during the day for other things like exercise, time to relax and enjoy spending time together as a family.

All the learning challenges that are currently being set are to practise and revisit things the children have already been taught in school.  When difficulties arise, encourage your child to look at the support available on Seesaw or Tapestry and then encourage them to have a try for themselves. If your child is still finding things tricky, please contact their class teacher through the email addresses previously provided:

The class teacher will be able to give some advice and guidance or they may be able to call you when they are next in school.  We are sure that we will be able to fix the majority of problems together.

There has also been a national helpline launched by teachers called StarLine. It is a free national helpline to provide parents with home education advice whilst schools are partially closed. StarLine offers parents tips and techniques from qualified teachers, education and parenting experts, and suggests online resources to help their children learn at home. It covers all areas of the curriculum.


Starline Website

 Open six days a week - 0330 313 9162


Rewards, praise and encouragement:

We have been very proud of the children for remaining committed to their learning whilst school is closed to many.  We are also astounded by their courage to try a completely new way of learning. 

Throughout Y1 – Y6 class teachers will continue to reward children against our key learning attitudes - the ‘League of Rocks’. The children are very familiar with these weekly celebrations and we aim to replicate these through Seesaw.  We have been sending text messages of praise via parent and carers’ mobile phones and we ask that these are shared with the children so they know their efforts are being recognised in the wider school community.  We have also issued some ‘Good News’ notes and ‘Smasher’ certificates that will be making their way to children at home.  

We look forward to speak to you all soon as we continue to make weekly phone calls home. We ask that if we don’t manage to catch you on the phone then please try to return our call or send us a quick email to let us know how you are all getting on. Please note that staff may be calling from a withheld number if they are working from home so we ask that families try to answer these calls during this time.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. M. Murfin



Important Downloads:

Please note a hard copy of any of our correspondence can be requested/collected from the school office.

Letter to Parents/carers - Confirmation of attendance - Summer Term 22 June 2020

We also have an addendum to the behaviour policy and The Home School Agreement, please click the links below to view these:

Behaviour Policy

Home School Agreement

Preparations update 29th May 2020


Year 6 Transition:

Normally, this is the exciting time when our Year 6 children begin to talk about their transition days where they get to spend some time getting used to their future schools. Unfortunately, with the current times, many of these dates have had to be postponed. The Year 6 teachers and Mrs Spooner are currently meeting with all the secondary schools virtually to make sure they are ready to welcome the children when the time comes.

In the meantime, the schools have begun to update their information about transition. Using the links below, you will find updates from the headteachers, welcome information about the schools, virtual tours and photos and information about some of the Year 7 teachers. We will also post any letters of additional information to this link.


City of Derby AcademyClick here to view CoDA's Welcome Letter to Parents.


Create Active Sinfin:

Please click below to find details on how to get an active pack for your child/ren.

Create Active Sinfin - Letter to Parents